3 Years in the Making and Finally Finished!

It’s finished!

I did a lot of things in 2016. I finished my master’s degree in comp and rhet. I got married to The Programmer. I moved. I moved again [this time three states away from “home” to new home]. I got promoted. I quit my promoted job to get my old job back. But the thing I’m most proud to have accomplished in 2016 is this:


I’m pretty sure I started this Heaven and Earth Designs pattern when I was still an undergrad (which would technically make it closer to 4 years in the making). Over 70 colors and more than 300,000 stitches. But I did it.

And it show it off I used it as the front panel on a new purse. So now I can take it with me everywhere. It seemed appropriate. Besides, why would I want to put it in a frame and only look at it some of the time?

Here are some in-progress pics to put things in perspective.

I’ve got another awesome HAED pattern ready to start next, but before I dive in I have a few smaller projects to get through first.

What are you working on this week?


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