Writing Prompt for the Weekend: Valentine’s Day

I don’t write romance, but I love to read it. The fluffier the better. My guiltiest of pleasures is the Christmas romance genre. I look forward to winter every year so I can dive into the newly published snowflake romances.

So this week in honor of Valentine’s Day, romance novels, and The Programmer’s birthday (which also happens to fall on VDay), this weekend writing prompt is going to be all about love and relationships.

As always, feel free to share the prompt all you want, but please be kind and link back to this post as the original source. If you do write something awesome, link to it in the comments!

Take a good look at the couple in the picture. Write, with as many details as you can, whatever is going on in their lives at this exact day and time one year in the future. What’s happened in their lives? Are they still together? Married? Moved? Had an affair? A baby?


“Romance” by Ben White. This image is available through Unsplash, where the copyright holder has provided it for use under a CCO license.

Happy weekend writing!





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