5 Books for Lovers & Reading Together

About a week ago I read this article about strengthening your romantic relationships through reading on Book Riot and The Programmer and I decided to give it a try. Because we tend to have vastly different tastes in books, we decided to start by alternating books in a series we both loved growing up. For him: Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. For me: J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

We aren’t always able to make time to read (because I’m usually too tired to stay awake at bedtime), but the night’s we’ve been able to do it have been really fun. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good idea. While I was trying to Google for the Book Riot article, I found one on the science behind why reading together is good for relationships and a fun listicle on why you should read with your s.o.

So in honor of Valentine’s Days and stealing good ideas, here’s a list of books to share with someone you care about.

22749796For the feminist couple: Sarai Walker’s Dietland

I’ve mentioned this book a few times, but I think it’s worth continuing to mention. I got a lot out of this book, and it leads to great conversations on being a “woman” in the modern world, body standards, body shaming, and learning to love yourself and how you look.


9969571For the couple that games together: Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One

If you’re a reader and a gamer you’ve probably already read this one, but there’s nothing wrong with playing it again.  Or just read it together while you’re waiting in the queue for a WoW raid.

25852870For the classics couple: Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible

What could be better than reading about Mr. Darcy with your Mr. (or Ms.) Darcy? I love Curtis Sittenfeld (I even had the chance to go to the StL book launch for Eligible and get my copy signed) and this modern take on Jane Austin’s classic gives you just enough Austin and just enough Sittenfeld to whet your thirst for both.

18774020For the survivalist couple: Edan Lepuki’s California

If you spend more time talking about what you need to outlast a nuclear winter than what you need from the grocery store next week, you might enjoy Lepuki’s take on a couple waiting out the end of civilization together. Or, you know, you could keep it in your fall out shelter for when you can’t binge watch on Netflix anymore.

18587556For the immortal couple: Holly Black’s Coldest Girl in Coldtown

There are, admittedly, better vampire novels that could have gone here, but CGiC is just light hearted enough to keep you from having nightmares before bed.

What are you reading this week? 




4 thoughts on “5 Books for Lovers & Reading Together

  1. Tubaville says:

    My husband tends to read self help and investing books while I like history and literature that spans the lives of people. I think we’ve only read Harry Potter together lol. But it works because we each have different things to talk about.

    • Resa says:

      that’s always a good thing, too. I know I learn a lot about science and tech stuff listening to my husband talk about what he’s reading 🙂

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