Life Isn’t Half Bad

Last week was busy, stressful, exhausting, and didn’t leave much room for blog or book related things. But as a result of all the things that did happen, I finally took he first step in growing my freelance business.

I’d love to be able to replace my full time job with freelance work, but it’s been hard to invest the time in finding new clients and projects. I’ve done freelance work on and off for people I know through work, but this is the first step at taking that work public and growing it into something sustainable.



Thanks to The Programmer for helping with site mapping and the domain name. I think the site doesn’t look half bad 🙂

We also had a (small) break in the snow, which I gratefully took advantage of by working outside and on the lake.



And The Programmer and I even had a chance to go on a mini-adventure to get away from work and see more of our new home than the inside of our snowed-in condo.

The blog should be back to bookish things later on!

What’s keeping you busy this week? 



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