Glass Top Photo Table DIY

While cross stitch is my craft of choice, sometimes you just have to branch out and try something new.

When I first met The Programmer and we started hanging out as neighbors, we realized we’d both bought the same three piece glass top table set. It was cheap, fit well into an apartment, and went with everything. But once we got married and combined our two apartments worth of stuff, we ended up with six glass top tables. Which was great because you always need more tables (especially end tables), but kind of boring.

The other thing we had a lot of after getting married were pictures. The Programmer is all digital all the time, so we have all our pictures rotating on digital frames and as the background for all Chromecast devices but not a lot of frames for hard copies of pictures. Which is fine because our lease actually forbids us from hanging anything on the walls…

But being someone who likes tangible artifacts, I wanted to do something with the pictures we did have printed and there are only so many table top frames you can have at once. So, here’s how I solved it:


(Sorry about the bad picture. Phone cameras and glass surfaces aren’t the best of friends.) Photo-Table! It took about an hour to arrange, glue, and dry enough to put the table top back on the table which was a lot faster than I expected. All you need is a glass top table, photos, and modge podge (matte finish dries clear).

How you create it:

  1. Lay down a towel and put the glass top down with the side you’re going to put your pictures on facing you. Clean it with glass cleaner and dry.
  2. Arrange your photos facing you and then flip them over so the photo is against the glass and the backs are facing you. Don’t put modge podge on the front of the pictures. It does dry clear, but pressed up against the glass it streaks. (The good news is as long as it’s wet you can clean it off with soapy water.)
  3. Apply modge podge across the back of your photos onto the table. Don’t be afraid to apply liberally. It’ll dry clear on the glass and you’ll need a few coats to keep the photos stuck.
  4. Let the modge podge dry.
  5. Clean the top of your table top and put back.
  6. Ready to use!


Here’s proof the matte finish modge podge dries clear. I had the table coated with it from side to side and in about 30 minutes it looked like this.


What are you making this week?


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