Writing Prompt for Your Weekend

This weekend I have two writing prompts to share. Try both or pick the one that works best with your WIP!

Option 1. 

Upcycle an old character or story you haven’t thought about in at least a year. (Bonus points if you pull something you started in high school or middle school!) Rewrite that story using the skills and experiences you’ve learned or had between then and now.

Option 2. 

Take a little inspiration from Dead Souls this week (or if you’re not feeling Gogol, watch the pilot episode of Suits). Think about something you’ve done the hard way (getting a degree, a long term project, finding a job, and so on). Then think of how someone might get the same thing (or a step up) by cutting corners. Write their story if you want something longer form or if you’re just looking for a quick exercise, write your reaction to his/her/their actions.

What are you writing this week? 


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