5 Shows to Watch When You’re Too Sick to Read

Last week I was out with the worst cold I’ve had since I had the flu and missed two weeks of work. I was exhausted, suffering from weird fever dreams, and got a sharp headache anytime I moved my head (or looked at something too hard or blinked). I’m much better now, but had to spend a week with plenty of free time but nothing to do.

So inspired by my week on the sofa, here are 5 shows to watch when the only thing you have the strength to do is lift the remote and hit play.

Girls. If you’re used to reading literary with a side of snark and feminism (and aren’t afraid of nudity of sexuality) you’ve got 6 seasons to binge watch on HBOGO. Some of these episodes  I really hated, and Hannah isn’t always a likable main character, but it’s a drama that makes you feel.

The Forstye Saga. If you’re reading drama with a European flair (and want to avoid anything that’s controversial or contemporary) try this BBC version of the epic series. It’s not quite Downton Abbey, but it’s short enough you won’t get better and find you still have three seasons to finish.

Suits. If you’re a fan of legal thrillers but don’t want to think too hard, you can watch seasons 1-5 if you have Amazon Prime. Plenty of money and drama with a touch of romance, but mostly it’s just lawyers trying to prove they’re smarter than other lawyers.

The Office. If you’re used to reading contemporary with a hint of comedy, there’s nothing like the sitcom equivalent of home-cooked comfort food. Turn on Netflix and let nine seasons carry you through until you feel better.

Stranger Things. Maybe not the best to binge watch if you’re falling in and out of sleep, but it’s the perfect show when you’re fully awake but not up to tackling anything remotely related to work or chores.

What are you watching this week? 


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